The obligations of employers under the Work Injury and Benefits Act are as follows:

Employer to provide Insurance Cover

Every employer must obtain and maintain an insurance policy, with an insurer approved by the Cabinet Secretary in respect of any liability that the employer may incur under this Act to any of its employees.

The Cabinet Secretary may exempt from the provisions of insurance policy, an employer who provides and maintains in force a security which consist of an undertaking by a surety approved by the Cabinet Secretary to make good, any failure by the employer to discharge any liability which the employer may incur under the Act to any of its employees up to an amount approved by the Cabinet secretary.

Employer to keep Records

An employer must keep a register or other record of the earnings and other prescribed particulars of all employees, at all reasonable times produce the register or record on demand to the Director for inspection, retain the register, and record or reproduction referred at least six years after the date of the last entry in that register or record.

Compensation of Injured Employee

An employee involved in an accident resulting in the employee’s disablement or death is entitled to the benefits provided for under this Act.

An employer is liable to pay compensation in accordance with the provisions of this Act to an employee injured while at work.


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