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Affordable human resource services

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Large selection of customizable human resource documents


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Access to an experienced team of human resource professionals


Eliminate the need for in-house human resource personnel

HR Legal Services Advisory

Employment, HR Contracts and Advisory Services

From as little as Zmw. 10,000 to Zmw 50,000 Monthly

Our Value Proposition

Why join HR FLEEK Club:

  • Outsourced HR Manager
  • 24/7 Human Resource business support that just clicks.
  • It can be challenging for a business owner to keep up with ever-changing employment legislation.
  •  HR FLEEK helps your business succeed through 24/7 Human Resource consultation on employment and labour relations matters and tailor-made Employment Contracts, Employee Handbooks and Workplace Policies.

Outsourced/Virtual HR Manager

Access to HR Document Portal

Enjoy Unlimited 24/7 Consultation

Drafting and Review HR Contracts & Documents

HR Fleek Membership Club Features


Zmw 10,000 to Zmw 50,000

1. Outsourced HR Manager
a) Get compliance with section 11 of the zambia institute of human resrouce management act number 2022 by having us as your licensed HR Manager

b) Avoid being in trouble with the Law (see section 11 of the Act) for not having a licensed HR Manager

c) Get a qualified HR Manager to supervise and provide guidance to your in-house HR officer

2. HR Legal Consultation
Get in touch with our HR experts on various employment related matters including but not limited to:-

a) Employment Laws and Labour Relations Compliance

b) Tax Advisory on Taxation of Employment Pay and Benefits

c) Strategic Human Capital Advisory

d) Immigration Law Advisory

e) Pension and Retirement Benefits Scheme Advisory

3. Bundle of standard HR Documents, Policies, and other resources
Get access to typical standard bundle of HR documents including but not limited to :-

a) Employment Contracts

b) Employees’ Policies and Procedure Manual

c) Office Procedure Manuals

d) Termination/Dismissal Procedure Checklist

e) Various sample letters on Labour and Employment matters

4. HR documents Legal Drafting and Review
Get your HR contracts and documents drafted and reviewed by our HR experts to ensure that your interests are protected

5. Immigration Law Matters*
a) Get routine legal opinion and guidance on immigration matters

b) Have your immigration matters addressed by our Immigration Law experts

c) Get discounted fees in obtaining and processing your work permits and passes

6. Training on HR Matters and Legal Alerts
a) Benefit from our monthly trainings on various HR Management, Employment and Labour Relations matters

b) Receive regular legal alerts on legislative changes in Employment and Labour Laws and notable judicial decisions

c) Stay updated on latest developments and trends in HR Management and practice

7. Discounted Legal Representation in:-
a) Complex Disciplinary Hearings

b) Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA) negotiations

c) Labour Office Matters

d) Employment reconciliation and arbitration

e) Litigious Employment and Labour Disputes (through our Partner Law firm)


Frequently Asked Questions

HR FLEEK Club is a 24/7 online membership club where members subscribe to access various HR services at an affordable cost.

HR FLEEK Club membership is open to all types of business including, Small, Micro and Medium size enterprises, Charities, Not-for-Profit Organizations, Large Corporates and Professional Service Firms.

The minimum subscription period is 12 months with the option to pay for monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually. Member discounts apply for bi-annual and annual payment options.

Higher membership discounts apply for subscriptions above 3 years.

Membership entitles you to a bundle of standard HR documents and other resources that you need to run your business including; employee engagement letters, employment contracts, employee policies and procedures and termination letters.

*Additional charges will apply for Immigration matters, litigious matters and legal representation in respect of legal fees.

**Pricing is based on the size and sector of the business i.e. Micro Enterprises, Small Enterprises, Medium Enterprises, Large Corporates, Charities and Not-for Profit Organisations.

**Membership is based on a minimum 12 months subscription plan, with discounted rates for bi-annual and annual payment options.

**The Membership Fee is exclusive of VAT, disbursements and government fees.