Section 11 of the zambia institute of human resource management act number 2022
requires each company to have a qualified HR Manager who is licensed by Institute of Human Resource Management. We at HR FLEEK recognize the high cost of hiring a full-time HR professional. Therefore, to manage such expenses, we offer an outsourced or part time qualified human resource manager or director for your business.

  • Setting up a functional HR department.
  • Ensuring compliance with statutory requirements in the handling of employee matters.
  • Overseeing recruitment, payroll, administration, benefits, compensation planning and health and safety.
  • Handling labour disputes before labour office, magistrates' or employment and labour courts.
  • Advising on structure of executive compensation including bonus or commission schemes, non-voting equity schemes as well as Employee Share Option Schemes (ESOPs).
  • Advising and handling disciplinary procedures including redundancies, furlough and termination in accordance with applicable labour and employment laws.

Our employment and HR experts provide employers with trusted support for purposes of guiding administration and HR personnel on legal matters touching on labour and employment law.