At HR FLEEK, we understand that your organization’s mission is to attract, develop, excite and retain exceptional people. Our experts are dedicated to supporting the organization’s current and next generation of staff. This includes:

People Operations

We partner with teams and firms to assist them continually define and improve core processes so that people can be at their best.

Human Resources

We at HR FLEEK aim to improve the experience of every employee whether at the start of their career at the organization, navigating employment and understanding employment regulations.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

HR FLEEK focuses on creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment to ensure every employee feels supported, respected and has a sense of belonging. We embed equity and inclusion into the organization’s processes including recruitment, retention and advancement.

Professional Development

HR FLEEK team guides partner firms on growth, career opportunities, capacity building, and development.


We work with firms to identify skills their teams need to grow, stay agile and adapt to change at every stage of their career. We design, deliver training and learning programs to help each employee reach their full potential.

Organization Restructuring

The benefits of restructuring your business include improving productivity, saving money and enhancing your professional image. HR Fleek will simply do the task of restructuring by executing the procedure. We provide guidance in terms of strategic analysis, redundancy  calculations & payments,  and termination letters while maintaining high confidentiality.